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Innovation and Opportunities

The Shift to Inclusive and Sustainable Development through Economic Participation

‘Jobs connect people to their society and the economy. Access to safe, productive, and fairly remunerated work – as a wage employee or as an own-account worker – is a key vehicle for individuals and families to gain self-esteem, a sense of belonging to a com- munity and a way to make a productive contribution. A shift to inclusive and sustainable development will not be possible if millions of people are denied the opportunity to earn their living in conditions of equity and dignity.’
ILO, post-2015 Development Agenda

JOHUD has long been an advocate for improved quality of life for poor and marginalised groups in particular. Through a range of programmes that directly or indirectly promote sustainable livelihoods, we aim to facilitate and support the creation of opportunity for employment, income generation and entrepreneurship.

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Sustainable Livelihoods for Poverty Alleviation

In 2004, JOHUD published Jordan’s Second National Human Development Report entitled “Sustainable Livelihoods for Poverty Alleviation”, having conducted extended research through hundreds of individuals and organisations from a wide range of communities across Jordan.

While the problems affecting the communities were diverse, a set of common issues were identified. The report’s findings served as a starting point that led to the re-assessment of policies, institutions and processes meant to address the needs of the poor. 

Publishing the report served as an important milestone for JOHUD, as it allowed the organisation to consolidate a ‘people centred approach’ that reflected the voice, views and aspirations of different members of the Jordanian population. Adopting a people centred approach has shaped all of JOHUD’s strategies and continues to do so till the present. The Sustainable Livelihood Approach advocated in this work remains a firm feature of our work today.

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Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods

At JOHUD, we are committed to promoting sustainable livelihoods through an integrated approach that aims to create better conditions for people to reach their potential and live-in dignity, while simultaneously protecting the environment and natural resources around them.

Having secured different resources, many will face inevitable obstacles without the necessary policies to ensure sustainability. We have also focused on promoting conditions for individuals and communities to attain sustainable success. 

Our methodology of working both on an institutional level and at the grassroots level, ensures greater social impact and longevity. Increasingly, we realise that with environmental degradation, comes a decline in natural resources, which negatively affects people’s livelihoods. Initiatives such as Water-Wise Women aim to raise environmental awareness and more sustainable agricultural practices. Also, we are trying to engage young people in eco-friendly tourism and hospitality.

We believe people require various resources or ‘capital’ to build a livelihood, including:

  • Financial Capital: Access to financial resources
  • Human Capital: Health, education and skills
  • Physical Capital: Infrastructure, including energy, transport and communications
  • Natural Capital: Natural resources, including water
  • Social Capital: Agreed rules and laws, and functioning networks, including political and civic bodies.
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A training session at an Employability Centre

Employability Centres

JOHUD has established nine Employability Centres in East Amman, Mafraq, Irbid, Ma’an, Madaba, Kafrein, Karak, Zarqa and Aqaba. These centres provide specialised professional training, link jobseekers with available job opportunities and match entrepreneurs with financing entities. As the largest youth membership organisation in the country, we have strong links with the private sector and run some of the largest and most effective job fairs in Jordan.
In 2019, we succeeded in engaging 2,215 jobseekers through fairs and referals, of whom 62% secured sustainable employment after three months. We have since received more than new 3,500 applications for jobseekers and have so far provided training to more than 1,500 jobseekers of both genders.

Young minds enjoying Innovation Labs based in our centres around Jordan

Innovation Labs

Our five Innovation Labs and Connected Learning Hubs help young people pursue their interests and passions outside the classroom by providing access to information technology, specialist training, competitions, exchange programmes, social events and networking.

Through these facilities we provide a range of trainings that incorporates key concepts such as language skills, life skills and digital skills which are necessary to gain a competitive edge in today’s labour market.

Approximately 52,000 youth have engaged with these labs since 2005 and include Jordanians, Syrians and other nationalities. Almost 45% of Innovation Lab users are female.

Digital centers provide training and mentoring to women entrepreneurs, with the support of our corporate partner Orange

Women's Digital Centres

Although many women support their families through establishing small home-based businesses, they are often deprived of the tools, opportunities and skills required to launch a successful business.
JOHUD’s Women’s Digital JOHUD’s Women’s Digital Centres, have been established in six governorates across the country to provide training in business management and online marketing.
The two-month course consists of three stages:
• Basic Business Skills: Writing a feasibility study, hiring the right talent and manage work/life balance
• Basic IT skills: Using Microsoft Office and basic online marketing tools
• Social media skills: Advertising and selling products, reaching new audiences and expanding.

There are currently 8 Digital Centres, and plans are underway to extend the programme to three more governorates over the upcoming year, in partnership with Orange and the Orange Foundation.

Click here for the latest news about Women's Digital Centres, in partnership with Orange. 

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Our micro finance company supports many women-owned and home-based businesses

JOHUD's Islamic Microfinance Company

Established to provide Islamic financing to small and micro businesses and offering specialised financing to enable people with disabilities to work, this independently managed company provided almost 4.5m JD in Sharia-compliant loans to small businesses in Jordan. 

As the only one of its kind in Jordan, The Islamic Microfinance Company supports thousands of entrepreneurs and can provide loans ranging from 500 to 25,000 JD within a range of repayment schedules.

Local artisans continue to produce Jordan’s best loved ceramics

Social Enterprise (JOHUD Al-Ayadi & Beit Al Bawadi)

JOHUD’s social enterprise initiatives, JOHUD Al Ayadi and Beit Al Bawadi, support small producers and artisans by selling local crafts and goods through their stores and online.

For more than 30 years, Beit Al Bawadi has become renowned for its unique line of ceramics which celebrate our Islamic and Arab heritage, while supporting the livelihoods of local artisans and preserving their skills and craft. Today, Beit Al Bawadi represents a vision that combines a traditional artistic legacy with strong contemporary ceramic design elements for everyday living.

JOHUD Al Ayadi products come from the homes, workshops and gardens of woman and communities across Jordan. With your support, small, local, income generating businesses can thrive, helping women and families around the country.

   Beit Al Bawadi

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Volunteers distribute supplies and medicines amongst communities through the annual Goodwill Campaign

The Goodwill Campaign

In 1991, H.R.H. Princess Basma Bint Talal launched the Goodwill Campaign (GWC) in response to the political, economic and social conditions that Jordan faced, as a result of the Gulf War. The GWC has run continuously since then, and its programmes aim to respond the needs of families and individuals identified through JOHUD’s national outreach.

Since 2001, the GWC has expanded its remit to include a number of developmental programmes to address poverty and unemployment, while continuing to provide emergency assistance to the most vulnerable.

Thanks to our partners, donors and volunteers, every year, we are able to reach thousands of households and families.

Young radio hosts at Farah Al Nas, JOHUD’s community youth station

Farah Al Nas Community Radio Station

Farah Al Nas is a unique youth and community managed radio station, established in 2008. As its coverage expands across the country, Farah Al Nas broadcasts the voices and issues of young people and diverse communities including refugees.

Increasingly, programmes and live chat shows not only raise social themes of importance, but also generate discussion around employment and job creation opportunities.

Tune in to 98.5 FM

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