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Building a Learning Organisation

"A learning organisation is an organisation skilled at creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge, and at modifying its behaviours to reflect new knowledge and insights." D.A.Garvin

ZENID brings people together for dialogue and new ways of thinking about development

Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development (ZENID)

We believe in the value of sharing knowledge and building on experience, while continuously learning as an organisation. In 1994, when we established the Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development (ZENID), the idea was to create a dynamic space for knowledge sharing and capacity building, not only for ourselves, but for community groups, leaders, advocates, field practitioners and partner institutions, from within and outside Jordan.

ZENID now houses all of JOHUD’s central operations and management, but it is also a dynamic space for hosting workshops, trainings and meetings in East Amman’s densely populated and diverse Hashemi Al-Shamali community.

At Johud, we are constantly seeking to learn from experience, from communities, and from our partners. Our journey challenges us to adapt and grow, as we seek to respond to an ever changing environment. Johud’s organisational learning path is reflected in its organisational development; we are committed to high performance standards, ethical practices and accountability in everything we do.

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Reclaiming and transforming knowledge outside the classroom with teacher Munir

“Perhaps you are searching amongst the branches, for that which can only be found at the roots”.  Jalal Al-Din Rumi

"Mujaawarah" and "Aafiah"

The concepts of Good Neighbouring "Mujaawarah" and wellbeing "Aafiah" are central to our vision. "Mujaawarah" underlines the power that people have when they come together in solidarity and compassion, regardless of physical resources, modern technology or certificates, degrees and qualifications.

"Aafiah" highlights a holistic sense of wellbeing, referring to fostering a personal and communal sense of achievement and empowerment, rather than external measures of success or progress. 

Since 2018, JOHUD has worked closely with Dr. Munir Fasheh, the Palestinian teacher and activist, whose pioneering work around the "Mujaawarah" philosophy calls into question the value of development and educational thinking in today’s modern world. Instead of relying on the decontextualized knowledge and mass education of largely western systems, "Mujawarah" offers a tangible and transformational opportunity for communities to come together to seek solutions. It enters into a meaningful dialogue, while celebrating authentic local identity, knowledge and culture. Munir's involvement with communities and our own centres has generated a powerful vision of people-centred local activism and engagement that lies at the heart of JOHUD’s own values and beliefs.

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The Queen Alia Competition for Social Responsibility 

The Queen Alia Competition for Social Responsibility

The Queen Alia Competition for Social Responsibility was launched by Princess Basma in 1995, primarily to raise awareness and change perceptions about the capabilities of people with disabilities, and to advocate for their greater participation and role in society. Every year, around 650,000 students participate in the annual competition which addresses socially relevant themes, while all proceeds from the initiative go to Al Rajaa School for Deaf Students, and initiatives that aim to promote social inclusion.

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