Vision & Mission


To create a society in which all Jordanians enjoy the following rights:
 • The right to a stable livelihood that provides individuals and their families with the quality of life they deserve.
 • The right to a secure living environment, free from the dangers associated with poverty-related social vulnerability.
 • The right to personal agency, meaning that all Jordanians have the ability to affect decisions that impact their lives.
 • The right to access the resources needed to ensure self-reliance and social mobility for all.


Everyone is born with fundamental, inalienable human rights. If we are to succeed in building an equitable and just society, these rights must be recognised and upheld at all times.
However, poverty denies many the rights to which they are entitled, and, if we are to succeed in creating the society our country deserves, we must recognise that the alleviation of this burden is a national responsibility we all share.

We must guarantee that the voices of those in need are heard so that each individual is empowered to advocate on their own behalf.

Finally, we must remove the obstacles that impede the path toward prosperity, to ensure that the gains we make in our fight against poverty are sustainable and permanent.


While our range of projects and programmes remains diverse and comprehensive, I am particularly proud of the strides made by our youth programme, which has developed unique and dynamic ways of promoting civic engagement amongst young people. The Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre is reaching out to thousands of young people across the country, all of whom are responding positively by becoming active participants or dedicated volunteers. We believe that this “home growth” form of democratic participation can play an important role in our country’s growth and we are proud to be part of this process.

Throughout the country and with our network of 51 community development centres, we are striving to make a lasting positive impact, especially through our joint work and collaboration with local communities and partner organizations. The challenges are ever present and ever changing, but it is because of this that I feel that JOHUD’s role is as important as ever in Jordan, acting as is its voice on development issues.

Yet again, an updated website is overdue! At JOHUD, we are constantly faced with the challenge of communicating the scope of our work to others, and I think it is this complexity and comprehensiveness that makes our organisation unique.

I hope that this new website conveys and clarifies our work, and as ever we take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to our guiding principles in working with communities, and our partnerships and friendships.

Our mission is to lead national development efforts and reduce poverty and vulnerability in Jordanian communities. Our work is especially concerned with the wellbeing and rights of vulnerable groups, such as women, young people, and people with disabilities. In everything that we do, we hope to create opportunities for individuals and communities to become active participants in the development process through our extensive network of Community Development Centres (CDCs) and committees.