"Jordan remains a pillar of stability in one of the world′s most volatile regions, while it continues to make commendable achievements in its development process. As an advocate and believer in human-centered, sustainable development, I am firmly committed to trying to promote the role of women, young people, and local communities ــ all of whom have an essential role to play in shaping our world and our future."
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Name Title
H.E Mr. Waleed Asfour Deputy Chairperson
H.E Ms Mary Kawar Minister of Planning and International Cooperation
H.E Ms.Basma Ishaqat Minister of Social Development
H.E Dr. Mohammad Abu Hammour Board Member / Head of the Financial Committee
H.E Ms. Dina Khayyat Board Member
H.E Mr. Basel Murji Board Member
H.E Dr. Maher Madadha Board Member
H.E Dr. Izzedin Kanakrieh Board Member
H.E Ms. Farah Daghistani Board Member / Executive Director
Mr.Raed AL-Dawood Board Member

Our management committee oversees all JOHUD's work. The committee meets regularly to ensure that all of our teams perform efficiently and to facilitate cross-functional connections.

Farah Daghistani
Executive Director
Farah Daghistani is Executive Director of the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD). Farah graduated in Middle East Studies from Oxford University and has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Kennedy School at Harvard.  Since 1995, she has worked in the field of sustainable human development in Jordan, and has spoken at numerous international events, especially focusing on governance, the role of women and youth in development.  

JOHUD is one of the oldest and largest community development organizations in Jordan.  Established in 1977, it has almost 60 locations throughout the country. Each of JOHUD’s centres is committed to enhancing local participation and socio- economic wellbeing, particularly for poor and vulnerable groups.  Believing in an integrated approach, JOHUD's projects and programmes include poverty alleviation, micro-enterprise, special needs and at-risk youth interventions, pre-school education, governance, health, women's rights and the environment.  The Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development is JOHUD’s place of learning, dedicated to knowledge sharing, research and training.

Increasingly, JOHUD's knowledge of the field, and its needs, means that it is able to compliment national policy and planning processes.  JOHUD is committed to promoting sustainable human development, through its own practice, and by influencing and advocating at the policy making level. In her leadership role, Farah is committed to promoting new learning models and transformational opportunities for young people in particular, believing in the importance of challenging many outdated or western-centric development paradigms.  Through her work with Johud, she and her team are developing a learning platform which will offer opportunities for exchange and knowledge sharing, not only within Jordan, but for the region.

Mohammad Hiarii
Director, Finance and Administration
Prior to his work at JOHUD, Mohammed worked at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation between 1985 and 1996, and at the Executive Privatisation Commission from 1996 until 2009.

In 2009 Mohammed joined the JOHUD team as the Financial and Administrative Director, with the objective of helping the organisation restructure its financial and administrative departments.

Mohammed currently holds a BA in Business Administration and an MSF in Islamic Banking.
Reem Zaben
Director of National Programmes & CDC Network
Reem Al Zaben is the Deputy Executive Director and the Director of National Programmes and CDC Network. Mrs. Al Zaben has been the Deputy Executive Director since 2011. She assists with the strategic planning and coordination of JOHUD’s programmes, projects, and policy positions. She is responsible for communicating the goals and operational plans throughout all levels of the organization and to donors. Reem provides leadership to staff, guidance for programme activities, volunteer coordination, and partnership development. Mrs. Al Zaben develops necessary mechanisms and policies for programme development and management to ensure success.

Reem has experience working throughout the Middle East in institutional capacity building. She is accredited with developing the strategic planning for governmental and non-governmental organizations and has been a training consultant and trainer for multiple regional and international development organizations.

Reem Al Zaben has a Higher Diploma in Demography and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from the University of Jordan. 
Qais Tarawneh
Director, Social Support Programmes
Qais Al Tarawneh is JOHUD’s Deputy Executive Director - Learning for Development and the Director of the Queen Zain Al Sharaf Institute for Development (ZENID). He has held his current title since 2016. Mr. Al Tarawneh is essential in creating broader development initiatives and putting them into practice through planning and coordination. He is also key in maintaining solid relationships with JOHUD’s stakeholders, partners, and donors. He has a major role in advocating for policy and legislative change concerning the local needs and rights perspective. Qais is responsible for linking and overseeing JOHUD’s Social Support Centre, Mabarrat Al Hussein, Al Raja’a School for the Deaf, Al Nuzha Community Development Centre, and the Mu’tah Rehabilitation Centre.

Mr. Al Tawawneh was key in developing the Goodwill Campaign’s (GWC) Medical Services Programme, the development of the Social Support Centre, managing close relations with the UNHCR, and transforming Al Raja’a School for the Deaf into a leading institution.

Qais has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from McGill University and Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education Science from the University of Jordan.
Mohammad Al-Amoush
Director, Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre
Mohammad Ali Al-Amoush is the Deputy Executive Director – Leadership and Entrepreneurship and the Director of the Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre. Mr. Al-Amoush has held his current position since 2016 and he is responsible for directing various programmes and committees ensuring youth are fairly represented throughout the organisation and through local community centres. He manages youth programmes with the goal of economic and social engagement. He oversees JOHUD’s Radio Farah Al Nas, ICT,Gender and Women, PBYRC, and Employability Programmes. He has been working to institutionalize JOHUD’s 51 Youth Committees since 2012, he created the Youth Committees’ Election, he’s responsible for shifting the Farah Al-Nas identity to a youth platform, and he’s successfully managed a three-year partnership with UNICEF and JOHUD’s Community Development Centres.

Mr. Al-Amoush has a Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Human Development and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Jordan, in addition to taking part in the Intensive Educational Programme in Civic Engagement at Drexel University and courses on qualitative research, protocol and etiquette, social marketing, and community development.
Lara Abdullat
Director of Monitor and Evaluation Department ,Director of Community Empowerment Program
Lara Abdullat has been the Director of the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit and the Director of the Poverty Pockets and Community Empowerment Programme since 2016. She is responsible for the design and implementation of the Community Empowerment Programme. She is also in charge of monitoring and evaluating the progress of all JOHUD units and effectively communicating unit evaluations with management in order to enhance performance. Some notable achievements include implementing the Poverty Pockets Programme and the Productivity Household Programme as well as establishing the monitoring and evaluation system for JOHUD.

Mrs. Abdullat has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Planning and Management/Regional Planning from Al-Baqa Applied University. She has also taken part in multiple training courses on development and evaluation, hear in Jordan and abroad.
Ali Al-Qudah
Director, Administrative and Legal Department

Ali Al-Qudah has been part of the JOHUD family since 1995. Earlier, he worked in the Administrative Department and worked his way up to become its deputy director while at the same time pursuing his higher education to receive a Masters degree in Law. Currently he carries three major responsibilities as follows: 

In his capacity as Director of Administrative Affairs he oversees the work in several vital units and sections. Additionally, he oversees administrative affairs in all JOHUD field units such as the Queen Zein al-Sharaf Institute for Development and the Princess Basma Centres spread over all of Jordan.

In his second capacity as Director of the Legal Affairs Department, Ali is in charge of reviewing and finalizing JOHUD contracts and agreements; developing legal strategies and policies to help avoid possible lawsuits and overcome differences with external parties as well as contributing to the preparation of employment contracts.

Lastly, Ali is the Rapporteur of the Goodwill Campaign Higher Committee; with the main responsibilities of coordinating the Campaign Higher Committee meetings to discuss and approve issues such as donations and fundraising plans.

Muttasim Al-Hayari
Director, Natural Resource Management Programme
Muttasim Al-Hayari is the Director of the Natural Resource Management Programme and has been director since 2010. He manages JOHUD's community development projects relating to water, the environment, and agriculture. He was responsible for organising the Earth Charter International initiative in Jordan and is accredited with developing multiple agricultural projects and putting JOHUD at the head of local NGO's specializing in water projects.

Mr. Hayari has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Jordan University of Science and Technology.


Our operations team oversees key development units within the organisation.

Hiba Jawhar
Director, Farah Al Nas Radio
Hiba Jawhar has been the Director of Farah Al Nas Radio since 2016. She is responsible for the overall programme production, planning and staffing of Farah Al Nas Radio, as well as capacity building and promotion of the radio to establish partnerships with local and international companies. She is responsible for Farah Al Nas Radio being a media partner for multiple festivals, as well as establishing the largest young reporter's network in Jordan. Hiba also contributed to the training material on media basics for Farah Al Nas Radio.

Hiba holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Yarmuk and has completed multiple courses from the Centre for Defending Freedom of Journalists.
Rasha Shehadeh
Supervisor for the Queen Alia Competition for Social Responsibility (QAC).
Rasha Shehadeh is the Supervisor for the Queen Alia Competition for Social Responsibility (QAC). She has been supervisor of QAC since 2006. As supervisor she is responsible for the preparation and organization of annual developmental and educational events such as cultural competitions, educational seminars, and training and awareness campaigns. She promotes participation in events and competitions and seeks out and secures the necessary funding for QAC.

Rasha is accredited with successfully launching a road safety awareness campaign through various platforms including social media, commercial outlets, TV, and radio. She has also helped finance programmes for disabled peoples.

Mrs. Shehadeh graduated from the University of Mu’tah in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science.
Iqbal Hamad
Programme Director, Women Empowerment and Gender Programme
Iqbal Hamad has been leading the Women Empowerment and Gender Programme since 2017. Mrs. Hamad is responsible for the overall management, coordination, and administration of the programme in order to ensure the delivery of desired objectives and outcomes. She developed and delineated JOHUD's Gender Equality Policy and the Women Committee Plan. She has worked and dveloped multiple projects relevant to women's empowerment and sustainable water, agricultural, environmental, and social development.

Mrs. Hamad has a Master's Degree in Urban Management and Development with a focus in Sustainable Urban Environment and Climate Change/Good Governance, a Master's in Agricultural Engineering with a focus in Horticulture and Field Crops, and a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Certification, on top of multiple professional certifications relating to the environment and social development.
Rana Diab
Programme Manager, Early Childhood and Disability Programme
Rana Diab is the Early Childhood and Disability Programme Manager and has held the position since 2007. She is responsible for training staff, developing policies and procedures for the programme, evaluating trends, and meeting the programme's financial obligations.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from the Hashemite University in Zarqa as well as PMI's Project Management Professional Training and training in psychosocial support and stress management.  
Hakam Madi
Programme Manager, Working with Refugees Programme
Hakam Madi has been leading the Working with Refugees Programme since 2016. This programme is a community-based protection network for Syrian refugees. His goal has been to lead in project design and implementation as well as recruitment and budget management, including the maintenance of all of all administrative and financial controls.
Mr Madi approves grant payments and co-designs all training needs. He also led the process for developing a standard for operating procedure within all 23 Community Support Committees accross the kingdom.

Mr. Madi was also the Project Manager for the Gender and Women Empowerment Programme and holds a Bachelor of Art's Degree with a major in Political Science and a minor in Law from Yarmouk University.
Mohammad Al-Zoubi
Manager Public Relations
Mohammad Al Zoubi has filled the position of the Public Relations Manager and Rapporteur of the Goodwill Campaign Supreme Committee since 2008.
Ruba Hijazi
Director, Information and Communication Technology for Development Unit (ICT4D)
Ruba Hijazi is the Director for the Information and Communication Technology for Development Unit (ICT4D). She has been Director since 2016. Mrs. Hijazi is responsible for managing all five of Johud's Innovation Labs as well as the Eureka Mobile Science Lab, Youth Power, and Access programmes. She coordinates with donors and stakeholders to ensure that programmes are implemented effectively and is responsible for reporting on the measurable impacts of the programmes.

Ruba Hijazi is accredited with establishing the Mobile Science Lab and the design of its curriculum, expanding the Innovation Lab Programme from 2 to 5 labs, successfully implementing the English language training Access Programme, and leading the Ebtekarthon Competition that honours innovation.

Mrs. Hijazi holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering and is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship.
Fatina Gharaibeh
Assistant Financial Manager (ZENID)

Fatina Gharaibeh has been the Assistant Financial Manager at the Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development (ZENID) since 1997. Mrs. Gharaibeh manages the accounting and monitoring systems for ZENID. She reports to senior management on ZENID’s financial performance. She is responsible for supervising all financial transactions and reports required by donors, and budgets proposed to donors. Fatina works with internal and external auditors and responds to their comments concerning finances in order to address deficiencies. Fatina restructured the accounting system used in ZENID in 2011 to suit the donors’ needs as well as increase the efficiency of financial reporting. She strengthened communication and increased transparency with donors, she cut down expenses in the ZENID kitchen, and in 2014 Fatina implemented a system to increase control on spending at the centre.

Mrs. Gharaibeh has a Master’s of Business Administration in Accounting (2009) and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Accounting (1990) from the University of Jordan. 

Mahmoud Al Kharouf
Manager, Jordan Valley Links, Natural Resource Management Programme
Mahmoud Al Kharouf has held the position of Manager of Jordan Valley Links (JVL) since December 2017, although he has well over ten years of experience working in the development field. As JVL Manager, Mr. Kharouf is responsible for the implementation of project activities on a daily basis, the monitoring and follow-up of the project’s annual action plan, project budgeting, engaging with donors, and coordinating actions with relevant unites within JOHUD as well as with key stakeholders. He also sees to the capacity building needs regarding project requirements.

Mr. Kharouf has a Bachelor’s of Sciences in Management Information Systems from the University of Petra, Amman, in addition to numerous professional certifications relevant to management and social development.

Mohammad Al Bataineh
Director, Employment Programme
Mohammad Al Bataineh has been the Director of the Employment Programme, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Bellar, since 2016. He works with private and public institutions to help young people overcome unemployment. The programme provides information on basic rights and well as marketable skills training.

Mohammad aided in the implementation of the first National Youth Organisations Coalition. And is responsible for managing JOHUD’s Employability Programme in 8 Community Development Centres across multiple governorates.

Mohammad received a BA in Law from Irbid Private University, Jordan on top of attaining multiple certifications in leadership, management, and capacity building. 

Wael Khreisat
Director, Auditing and Financial Analysis Department
Wael Al-Khrisat has been JOHUD’s Director of Auditing and Financial Analysis since 2007. He is responsible for overseeing JOHUD’s finances and administrative affairs within the department, including staff evaluation and reporting. He was the Chief Accountant for JOHUD’s Small Business Development Centre, the Jordanian National Council for Women, and the Jordanian National Forum for Women, as well as the Financial manager of the Higher Population Council.

Mr. Al-Khrisat has a Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting Major, from Ain Shames University, Cairo, as well as multiple certifications in accounting, law, and financial analysis in preparation for his Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) license.

Fehmieh Al Azzam
Fehmieh Al Azzam is the Manager of the Princess Basma Centre for Development in Irbid. She’s been the manager since 2003. Fehmieh manages the financial and technical aspects of the centre. She prepares project proposals and feasibility studies, budgets and annual plans for the centre. As well, she builds partnerships with local and international organisations.
Fehmieh Al Azzam has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and has partaken part in multiple courses on strategic planning, sustainable planning, and human rights.
Lina Bataineh
Lina Bataineh has been the Manager for the Sahab Development Centre in Amman since 2016. She works closely with the community and youth to identify the needs of the community and the development gaps in order to work with local organisations to create programmes to bridge the gaps and meet certain needs of the community. She coordinates with several organisations to support and create projects for Jordanians and Syrians in need of urgent assistance.
Lina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering in Environment and Water from the Jordan University of Science and Technology as well as having completed courses on Management Relations, Water and Resource Management, and Fighting Poverty.
Wedad Shraideh
Wedad Shraideh has been Manager of the Mafraq Development Centre since 2012. Before becoming manager, she was the Programme Coordinator and Child Supervisor at the centre. As manager, she is responsible for all staff and overseeing the successful implementation of development initiatives within Mafraq.

Wedad Shraideh is an executive council member of the Mafraq governorate and boasts skills in marketing, communication, leadership, and time management. 

Ghazi Mughrabi
Ghazi Mughrabi has been Manager of the Development Centre in Ma’an since 2000. He’s responsible for supervising all activities and programmes implemented through the centre. Ghazi also played a role in developing and implementing the Makani, the Social Support Centre, the Innovation Lab, and Tawasul projects.
Mr. Mughrabi has a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Beirut University, a Higher Diploma in Education from Mu’tah University, a Higher Diploma in History from Cairo University, and took part in a Management Course from the University of Oklahoma.
Raghda Al Qasem
Raghda Al Qasem is the Deputy Manager for Programmes and Projects for the Princess Basma Development Centre in Aqaba. She handles administrative affairs and oversees all programmes and projects at the centre. She is responsible for writing technical reports and evaluations for ongoing projects and programmes. Raghda follows up on the projects and activities at the centre and sub-centres and develops annual plans.
Mrs. Al Qasem has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Arabic Language and Literature from the University of Jordan.
Ali Badaineh
Ali Badaineh is the Manager of the Princess Basma Centre for Development and the Queen Alia Centre in Tafilah. He is responsible for staffing as well as supervising and following up on the developmental and economic projects being implemented. He’s helped in implementing hundreds of activities, programmes, and projects within the Tafilah Governorte.
Fatima Hinnawi
Fatima Hinnawi is the Manager of the Aqaba Development Centre. She evaluates the programmes and projects put forth by the centre and analyzes their impact and assess the needs to attract private business partners to aid the community in developing small businesses, as well as seek out funding for operational expenses and infrastructure development.
Fatima received the Aqaba Award for Distinction twice in a row as well as receiving awards on creativity and leadership. Mrs. Hinnawi has a Diploma in Business Administration from the Arab Community College.
Ali Al Sa’oub
Ali Al Sa’oub has been the Manager of the Karak Development Centre since 2010. He is responsible for motivating the community to participate in discussions on decision making that pertains to the community, promoting youth development, taking note of development needs and generating projects and activities to meet those needs in a sustainable manner, as well as overall management of the finances and facilities at the centre in Karak.
Some of Ali’s achievements include aiding in developing the environmental sector and managing the refugee cases in Karak, in cooperation with UNHCR.
Maisoon Hawatmeh
Maisoon Hawatmeh has been the Manager of the Madaba Development Centre since 2007. She originally joined the JOHUD team in 1989. Her position requires a high degree of planning, a broad knowledge of the needs of the local community, as well as the ability to manage the staffing and human resources. Maisoon has been a part of the Youth and Women’s Development Committee Programmes in addition to numerous other development projects within the Madaba Governorate.

Mrs. Hawatmeh holds a Diploma in Community Development
Mais Smadi
Mais Smadi is the Manager of the Princess Basma Centre for Development in Kufranja, Ajloun. She has held her title since 2009. Mais drafts development plans in coordination with the governorate, based on community needs, and she develops programmes and activities to be implemented based on the development plan for Ajloun. She also aids in raising funds for the centre’s projects. Mais is a member of the local security council in the province and a member of the Steering Committee for the Life Skills projects.

Mrs. Smadi has Master’s Degree in Sociology from Yarmouk University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services from the University of Balq’a
Reta Dawood
Reta Dawood is the Manager of the Wahdneh Centre for Development in Ajloun. She has been working in administration for JOHUD since 2013 and has been Director since 2015. Rita is tasked with carrying out the administrative duties for the centre, as well as coordinating with officials and governmental institutions, and communicating with the local community. She has been instrumental in implementing a range of partnerships and projects with several institutions, building a trusting and lasting relationship with the local community, and gaining access to 42,000 JD worth of funding from the European Union for development purposes.
Reta has a Master’s Degree in Archeological Site Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Conservation and Management of Cultural Resources.

Shrouq Mrahleh
Shrouq Mrahleh is the Programme Coordinator for the development centres in Shobak and Jahair, Ma’an. She determines the practical needs of the centre and evaluates employees in order to improve upon weaknesses. Shrouq drafts reports on programmes, handles budget issues, and works towards building partnerships with the community. She has been responsible for supervising and implementing 150 community initiatives through the centre, contributed to the Bint Balad Project, contributed to implementing five rural markets in Shobak, and was the coordinator for the Makani Project from 2014-2016.

Mrs. Mrahleh has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and has taken courses relating to youth empowerment, planning, management, as well as advanced English.

Tariq Al-Shatnawi
Tariq Al-Shatnawi has been the Deputy Manager for Programmes and Projects at the Irbid Development Centre since 2017. He represents the centre in absence of the Manager and is responsible for the day to day management of the Irbid Centre. He is actively engaged in the Youth Power Programme in the northern region, networking with employers and capacity building with the community in order to promote opportunities for youth. He monitors and evaluates the progress of projects and programmes. He also supervises youth committees and coordinates debate clubs, as well as provides skills training.
Tariq has coordinated nine job fairs, provided skills and vocational training for over 1000 Jordanians and Syrians, aided over 3000 people in gaining employment, and has developed and initiated multiple youth programmes.
Tariq Al-Shatnawi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Philadelphia as well as having completed multiple courses on coaching and training. 

Manal Zreqat
Manal Zreqat is the Manager of the Princess Basma Centre in Jerash and has been the Manager since 1995. She is responsible for supervising the multiple programmes offered through the centre as well as establishing partnerships within the local community. Mrs. Zreqat has aided the Ministry of Education in implementing educational programmes resulting in reducing the illiteracy rate within the community, she’s raised promoted women’s empowerment through multiple courses, and has successfully implemented programmes and activities contributing to the integration of Syrian refugees into the Jerash community.
Manal Zreqat has a Bachelor of Education Degree as well as certifications on Leadership, Project Management and Strategic Planning, Communication, and Social Work.
Najwa Bdour
Najwa Al Bdour is the Director of the Al Nuzha Development Centre in Amman. She has been Director since 2013. She is in charge of managing the centres financial and technical aspects, developing projects, and procuring finances from sponsors. She works closely with the community to support inclusion in development projects and processes working towards fostering a healthy society. She aided in opening of the Development Centre in Al Nuzha, she participated in developing the Rural Village Cluster Projects in Al Shobak and has received numerous certificates of appreciating from governmental and international institutions.
Mrs. Al Badour has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies from Mu’tah University and holds Head Trainer certifications from UNICEF’s Life Skill’s Training and Parenting Training.

National Partners

JOHUD aims to ensure that its work is aligned with national strategies and contributes to poverty alleviation. JOHUD participates in national level planning processes and also works closely in line with Jordanian government ministries, especially ministries related to social development, health, education and the National Aid Fund, all of which deliver core services used by the poor.
International Partners
JOHUD also values its partnerships with multi-lateral and bi-lateral international agencies and international NGOs.
JOHUD recognizes the key role that these partners have played in guiding and supporting the work that JOHUD carries out.
We are eager to maintain and expand these mutually rewarding relationships.
Private Sector
Increasingly, JOHUD is working with private sector partners as part of their corporate social responsibility activities.


JOHUD’s work is supported by the hard work of our dedicated staff.
Our management and operations teams are staffed by some of the
most experienced and capable development specialists in the country,
helping us to design effective and sustainable solutions in every
location that we work in.

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