ZENID and the PBYRC hosts a major 4-day youth refugee consultation


This week, ZENID has played host to a groundbreaking and illuminating youth refugee consultation meeting, bringing 25 refugee youth leaders and 5 Jordanian youth leaders together to discuss the major challenges hampering the lives of young people in the region.

Jordan’s youth refugee consultation meeting has not been held in isolation; instead, it is just one of twelve similar meetings being held around the world. The global consultations are being led by UNHCR and the Women’s Refugee Commission to gather and record the thoughts of young people and include them in the decision making process.

The first three days of this unique event invited all those in attendance to identify challenges, propose solutions, and consider the thoughts of others. It was hoped that refugee leaders could make use of the opportunity to network with local leaders, create alliances, and build on the skills necessary to lead their own communities in the future.

The final day of the meeting introduced the “Validation Workshop”, where a larger group of 35 participants made finalised recommendations based on the former discussions. This important final day was attended by a range of UN and NGO representatives, helping to ensure that the findings of the meeting were spread to bodies with the financial muscle and connections to create substantial change.

Much work will now be done to ensure that these recommendations continue to reach the right power brokers. In June 2016, a Global Refugee Youth Consultation meeting will be held in Geneva, with one representative from each national conference presenting the findings of their particular meeting. These finalised global findings will then be made available for UNHCR decision makers and NGO managers in the years ahead.

JOHUD and everyone from the PBYRC would like to thank everyone who attended and shared their experiences and thoughts. Your hard work and impassioned discussions could well form the basis of international policy in the years ahead!