Goodwill Campaign brings toys and winter supplies to communities east of Amman


The Goodwill Campaign paid a visit to communities east of the capital on Saturday, delivering aid and gifts to 250 local families. The campaign distributed presents and in-kind assistance in cooperation with Al Hassad Al Tarbawi schools, who shared their school premises for the second time in recent years. 

The day began with a small event held at the school’s hall, in which local children presented charming modern and traditional dance performances. The entertainment was bookended by speeches from HRH Princess Basma bint Talal, the Goodwill Campaign Chairman, Ayoub Khamis, and General Manager of the host school, Dr Akram Abdul Qader, all of whom thanked the attendees and the donors for their hard work.  After the speeches, awards were presented to some of the most effective contributors to the Campaign, including volunteers on medical days, key donors, and the school managers that facilitated activities on school premises.

With the formalities over, the proceedings moved downstairs and programme staff began distributing gifts and basic items to local families. Goodwill Campaign staff began by delivering presents and winter clothes to dozens of local orphans, with specialised tablets being presented to blind or visually impaired children to help in school or at home. The largest donations of food parcels, heaters, blankets, and winter clothes were then loaded onto buses, to be taken back to local communities in the area. 

The atmosphere throughout the day was marked by a spirit of cheer and busy excitement, and all in attendance left with something positive to take home with them, whether that be a physical gift or the satisfaction of sharing goodwill with one’s fellow countrymen.