Goodwill Campaign and Princess Basma visit Maan


In the year in which Jordan marks the 100 year anniversary of the Great Arab Revolt, the Goodwill Campaign’s visits to the historic city of Ma’an remind us of the important contributions the city has made to Jordan’s independence and freedom.  

History was very much on the mind of HRH Princess Basma when visiting the city on Wednesday for the Goodwill Campaign. In her opening remarks, Princess Basma spoke at length about the common ties all Jordanian share and the immense contributions that Ma’an’s citizens have made to Jordan’s current heritage.

This time, JOHUD’s visit to Ma’an was all about the future. Talented students from Jordan’s southern communities received university scholarships to help fund their higher education and futures, and new centres were opened to cater for the needs of underprivileged orphans.

After more formal ceremonies at JOHUD’s Princess Basma centre in Ma’an, the new premises of the Ma’an charity society for orphans were opened and gifts were distributed to the children. At the ceremony, the princess announced that the Goodwill Campaign will make a donation to prepare and equip the society's outdoor play area for the children.

Throughout all proceedings, the princess stressed the important role of local communities in development and the efforts made by youth and women’s committees in Princess Basma centres. She remarked that JOHUD’s work was made better and stronger through the extraordinary efforts of local volunteers, with Ma’an being no exception.

The day ended with campaign staff and volunteers playing and talking with the orphan children, in the atmosphere of kindness and goodwill that the campaign is known for. JOHUD would like to thank all in attendance and everyone who volunteered for coming and supporting the campaign once again: with the support of communities, we hope to spread this spirit across the entire country!