Jo-Green competition entry date delayed and evaluation criteria announced


The committee supervising the preparation and organisation of the Jo-Green competition has today approved the criteria that will be used to evaluate contest entries. The final deadline for entries to the Jo-Green competition (which invites talented engineers to send in eco-friendly construction designs and plans) will now be Saturday and Sunday of next week. 

The committee approved new criteria to judge the viability of the entries (including innovation, creativity, sustainability, economic feasibility, and the extent to which green-building concepts are integrated). As all entries must also meet the requirements of the Jordanian Green Building Guidelines, the committee has officially chosen an independent panel of experts to evaluate the entries.

The head of the competition’s guiding committee, Dr Jamal Qutaishat, said that 150 engineering students from various public and private universities had entered the competition so far, with 37 projects registered in total.

He also explained that the committee had organized a number of meeting and lectures in participating universities that covered the concepts and methods used in eco-friendly construction. All students were given the official Green Building Guidelines supplied by the National Building Council, helping young engineers to learn the mandatory and recommended requirements of building to ecological standards.

The media spokesman for the competition, Emad al Dabbas, has declared that this year’s contest task is to design a Princess Basma community centre in Madaba. The competition’s organising group, the Jordanian Hashemite Fund (JOHUD), has long been keen to create environmentally-friendly community centres around the country. If built, the designed centre would be the first of its kind in Jordan.

Al-Dabbas also reiterated that the contest is a unique opportunity for students to test their abilities and potential, motivating them to undertake further research and study and use green-building techniques. 

Jordan continues to face significant environmental problems (whether water, energy, environment, economic, or climate-related), and it is believed that better designed environmentally-friendly buildings could help to overcome a number of challenges. The annual Jo-Green competition helps in this endeavour by inviting bright engineering university students to work in teams and find innovative solutions to major engineering problems.