Princess Basma and Goodwill Campaign staff undertake a busy tour of Irbid Governorate


Yesterday marked one of the busier Goodwill Campaign days this year, underlining the impressive range of activities and interventions offered by the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development. JOHUD’s chairperson, HRH Princess Basma bint Talal, and campaign staff visited a number of locales throughout Irbid governorate, providing scholarships to students, offering pledges of technical and material assistance to local initiatives, and overseeing key projects along the way.

The day began within the Martyr Azme al Mufti Camp in Irbid governorate, where JOHUD staff and Princess Basma visited the Snabil al-Khair al-Khairiyye centre to offer scholarships for talented students, give out school bags and clothes for orphan children and meet with camp service directors. At the opening exchanges, Princess Basma spoke of her appreciation for the efforts made by camp residents to help the campaign succeed, and highlighted the importance of working together to improve the country as a whole.

JOHUD has focused on women’s empowerment issues since the early 1980’s, and programme staff were keen to use their presence in the camp to aid local women’s initiatives. The team visited a small women’s cooperative in the camp that brought locals together to pickle and sell vegetables for profit. To support the financial and economic empowerment of women in the camp, JOHUD pledged to offer technical and material help, and made arrangements for new tools and machinery to be delivered to the centre.

Princess Basma and campaign staff then headed to another women’s project centre to oversee JOHUD’s most recent attempts at outreach in the camp. Over the last year, JOHUD’s Natural Resource Management team has been training local women on ways to conserve water and use practical plumbing skills to solve water problems at home. Women attending classes at the centre can also access extracurricular science and environmental lessons for their children via JOHUD’s Eureka project, all of which was on impressive show on the day.

The team then headed to JOHUD’s Princess Basma Centre in Eidoun to hand out more scholarships and meet to discuss new and old projects in the governorate. Princess Basma took the opportunity to see the new child-friendly “Makani” space at the centre (sponsored by UNICEF) and took a tour of the brand-new women-only gym, which had been opened with the direct support of MercyCorps.

The visits represented more than just the chance for project managers and leaders to meet one another: it also showed just how effective some of these projects can be. In Eidoun’s Makani space, one girl’s voice rose above the chaos of cameramen, press junkets, and programme staff, addressing the Princess politely but directly. She spoke proudly of the newfound confidence she had acquired from the centre, briefly recalling a recent time where she had felt unable to speak confidently even within her own family home.

Examples like this highlight the importance of JOHUD’s work throughout the country, which has helped to change the lives of children, young people, women, and poverty-stricken groups throughout the country. Campaign staff would like to thank our hardworking volunteers, partners and host communities for the help they offer every step of the way. Their excellent contributions help build the success stories which are always on abundant show on days like these!