WFP and Najmah sign new "Cash for Training" agreement at JOHUD premises


Here at JOHUD, the work we carry out has the ability to touch thousands of lives across the Kingdom. Whilst running our own programmes, we also try to help other groups organise their own interventions, responses, and partnerships, with the effect of creating more positive change in people’s lives.

On Monday, the National Alliance against Hunger and Malnutrition (Najmah) signed a new “Cash for Training” agreement at JOHUD’s premises in Amman, agreeing to work alongside the WFP to deliver employability programmes for young people in Jordan.

The agreement, signed with the World Food Programme (WFP), aims to benefit 1,470 members of the communities that host Syrian refugees in several governorates, helping them gain the experience necessary for joining the labour market.

Deputising for HRH Princess Basma, the president of Najmah, Ali Ghazawi, signed the agreement with WFP Representative, Country Director and Emergency Coordinator Mageed Yahia. Under the agreement, the WFP presents daily food tickets for trainees during their 26 days of training every month for nine months.

During the first phase of the project in 2014-2015, around 2,213 young people were trained in nine governorates, with 68% of the males and 32% of the females obtaining permanent jobs afterwards. As the next phase of the project rolls out, hundreds more will receive important training for working in new key industries, such as the renewable energy sector.