JOHUD holds landmark "Town Hall Meeting" in Amman


Today, the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) held an unprecedented “Town Hall Meeting” to discuss future strategies and objectives. This substantial gathering invited discussion and contributions from more than 500 Community Development Centre representatives from across the Kingdom, all working to unite JOHUD under a common vision of the future. 

The primary objective of this important meeting was to develop a roadmap for 2020, with the objective of growing the group’s activities so as to effectively offer goodwill and support to 5 million people a year. In her opening remarks, Ms Farah Daghestani spoke of her appreciation for JOHUD’S rich experience and history, and the potential that both these factors offered for future change.

In the panel discussion that followed, three executives representing JOHUD’s new pillars discussed specific plans and objectives over the next few years. Mohammad Amoush, Head of Youth Development, spoke of the growing role for youth leadership in JOHUD’s upcoming activities, and Qais Tarawneh, Head of Learning for Development, spoke of his hope of turning the Queen Zein al Sharaf Institute for Development (ZENID) into a “think tank” for other NGOs and partners.

Mais Odeh, Head of Female Empowerment and Community Participation, then described new plans to give beneficiaries a unique identifying number so that their support is tracked and registered. In time, all beneficiaries can be internally referred so that people are able to access the assistance that they need in their lives.

All panelists highlighted the importance of working on different pathways (whether social, economic, or other), and focusing on creating a strong communication channels and an overall spirit of teamwork and cooperation across the group. The actual work of building a better Jordan for 2020 begins now!