JOHUD holds hundreds of activities throughout the holy month of Ramadan


Another year and another eventful Ramadan passes! JOHUD’s work is always hectic, but our activities double and multiply in the holy month, as all programmes work to provide Iftar meals, special gifts and good cheer for Jordan’s poorest and most marginalized communities. As Eid al-Fitr draws to a close, we take a look back on some highlights and special memories.

In the spirit of the season, virtually all JOHUD programs and centres aimed to distribute gifts and spread goodwill throughout the company. These gifts ranged from small gifts to large donations, with some centres helping to distribute dates and water for travellers looking to break their fast, and others making substantial clothing and food donations for poor families. In all centres and places, our hardworking volunteers gave up their time and energy to help others, ensuring that even the smallest of gifts brought real smiles to the faces of those who received them.

As the daily fast draws to a close, Ramadan is all about togetherness, as families and friends share meals, tables and stories as one. To help those on the periphery of society enjoy this sense of community, JOHUD centres throughout the country held Ramadan Iftar meals with orphan children, elderly people, and other community members who wanted to eat with us! At every meal, it was nice to take a break from work to enjoy special moments (and tasty food) with the communities that support our work.

Ramadan is a special time, and for an organisation like JOHUD, it calls for a special effort. Many thanks to all our incredible volunteers for their hard work, and Eid Mubarak to Jordan’s beautiful communities for joining us at our events!