The Ebtekarthun Youth Innovation Conference Kicks Off in the Dead Sea


Today marked the opening day of the Youth Innovation Conference (Ebtekarthon), held in the Dead Sea’s Crowne Plaza Hotel to mark World Youth Day. This creative and vibrant gathering aims to encourage talented young people to develop and build upon their ideas and creations, thus encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation in the Kingdom.

The 3-day conference is run by UNICEF, JOHUD and the Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre (with funding from the EU), and features young participants and innovators from every governorate in the kingdom alongside guest participants visiting from Palestine, Syria and Oman.

The conference opened with a fun and fascinating cameo from Zein079, a fully functional robot created by the great minds of Zein Innovation Campus (ZINC), and the Selfieboxx machine, the first photo-booth to post directly to Instagram.

After an easy-going start with the light comedy and inspiration provided by Zein079, the proceedings then moved into the capable hands of Mohammad Batteikhi, an Oasis500 entrepreneur and public speaker, who spoke at length on how to develop and build on a social innovation or idea.

Participants then moved onto one of 5 track sessions covering hard skills that can help young entrepreneurs to create and improve upon their ideas. Over three days, young movers and shakers will receive advice and help from some of Jordan’s finest young technical experts in the fields of robotics, hologram technology, filmmaking, photography and social media.

On the third day, the entrepreneurs will then pitch an improved and refined version of their idea to a panel of judges, with the best and most thorough ideas hopefully gaining life and momentum beyond the conference itself.

As expected in an event focused on innovation and creativity, the conference hall is packed with great thinkers and achievers. One such achiever is Yeman Khtoom, a 23 year old innovator specialising in clean technologies.

Yeman is already the proud inventor of a solar-powered, portable stereo. “Unfortunately, it was quite bulky and large, bu