JOHUD & UNICEF discuss action plans for the year


JOHUD continued its longstanding and fruitful partnership with UNICEF today, as decision makers from both organisations worked throughout the day to discuss action plans for the year’s activities.

JOHUD and UNICEF have worked together on a number of important initiatives over the years. JOHUD currently provides informal education and psychosocial support for refugee children in UNICEF-funded child-friendly spaces. JOHUD also provides life skills training sessions to older Syrian and Jordanian youth throughout the country with the support of UNICEF, empowering committed and ambitious youth to become leaders in civic engagement, debating, and community projects.

UNICEF and JOHUD have also remained committed to extracurricular education, as both groups came together to create and develop the Innovation Labs: an after-school club that provides ICT, media, and technology training and career help. UNICEF has also helped JOHUD to develop the largest youth reporting network in the country under PBYRC's Radio Farah al NAs.

Today’s discussions were attended by JOHUD community centre representatives from around the country, as well as high-level decision makers, underlying both groups’ ongoing commitment to community participation and consultation. JOHUD sincerely hopes that positive partnerships like these can continue to yield the same excellent results they have already achieved in the next year and beyond.