JOHUD trains refugees on PRA methodology at ZENID centre


Refugees from different nationalities living in Jordan have attended a three day workshop organized by UNHCR, IRD, and JOHUD.

The goal was to train the selected refugees from different communities in the Participatory Rapid Appraisal methodology.

Participatory assessment is a process of building partnerships with refugee women and men of all ages and backgrounds by promoting meaningful participation through structured dialogue. This methodology is useful to identify protection risks and assistance needs, identify root causes of protection risks, identify community capacities and resources and discuss solutions and priorities with them.

During the sessions, participants had to simulate real-life Focus Group Discussions (FGD’s) with refugees and had to imagine each possible scenario to prepare themselves to overcome any eventual issues. Each group presented their scenario and received constructive feedback from trainers and fellow participants.

In the following weeks, the participants will form teams and begin interviewing refugees in their communities. A team leader, a script and an interviewer will be appointed to facilitate the process.