The main CDC in Tafila was established in 1987. In the years that followed, satellite CDCs have been created in Arweem, Qadsiya, Aeema, Baseira, and Hasa. This strong coverage is perhaps most important for an area like Tafila, which continues to be one of the poorest governorates in the country. Given that problems like poverty, marginalisation and unemployment often disproportionately affect women in the area, many of the CDCs in Tafila have chosen to focus on their needs in particular.

The CDCs operate youth committees and a women’s committee in order to best meet the needs of the community and to promote the concept of volunteer work. The women’s committee in particular takes a leading role in many of the CDCs' activities and links JOHUD to communities throughout the governorate. Our youth committees also focus on a range of initiatives that aim to foster a sense of belonging and community service.

The leadership provided by the women’s committee has helped the Tafila CDCs design a range of programs to help and empower wives and mothers. The Communication for Happy Families Project has helped create discussion around issues related to gender roles and family organisation, and the Country Girl project has helped provide social and economic assistance to vulnerable rural girls. The women’s committee has also helped empower women financially by creating a Tailoring workshop which makes kindergarten uniforms, Jordanian flags, and other useful items.  Finally, the committee has helped manage a number of fun and educational projects and events for children and young people, including a kindergarten, a nursery, and a summer camp.

Issues like unemployment can often be eased by good education projects that spread skills throughout the community. The Knowledge Station operating in Tafila is one of the finest in the country. In the Knowledge Station classes, participants are taught important ICT skills that can be used as a stepping stone to well-paid jobs. Those who complete the class receive recognised ICDL certificates to highlight their achievements. The Tafila CDCs also offer professional training, family education programs, and basic life skills classes to help residents acquire the skills necessary to succeed and thrive in life.

Tafila Main CDC
Manager: Ali al- Badayneh
Address: Tafila - next to Tafila Police Station                         
Telephone: +962 3 2242541
Email: tafilah@johud.org.jo

Baseira CDC
Supervisor: Aroub al Saudi
Address: Baseira     
Telephone: +962 3 2267226

Qadsiya CDC
Supervisor: Sabah al Khsaba
Address: Tafila
Telephone: +962 3 2270531

Arweem CDC
Supervisor: Basema al Rawashdeh
Address: Arweem
Telephone: +962 3 2243153

Aeema CDC
Supervisor: Sonia Al Rbehat
Address: Aeema
Telephone: +962 3 2260277

Hasa CDC
Supervisor: Doaa al Oran
Address: Hasa     
Telephone: +962 3 2277179