JOHUD operates four CDCs in Madaba Governorate, many of whom rank among the oldest and most experienced of the JOHUD centres in the country. The main centre was established in 1994 in Madaba City in order to centralize the efforts made by the Maeen Centre for Development, the Husban Centre for Development, and the Maleeh Centre for Development (all created in 1984). Through these four centres, JOHUD is able to provide services for the entire governorate.

The main source of many local problems is youth unemployment. JOHUD is thus committed to increasing the range of employment opportunities available to young people in Madaba. Our Employment Offices work in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour to provide a list of available job opportunities, helping to match career seekers with the job that’s right for them. For families that struggle to gather income elsewhere, we have created a range of innovative alternatives in Maeen; our Resolve Centre teaches local women how to contribute productively to local markets and our “My Garden” project instructs families on how to achieve a degree of self-sufficiency by growing vegetables.

We are also committed to safeguarding community harmony and protecting community members from violence. Our committees in Madaba unite community members from the Syrian and Jordanian communities, helping to foster a sense of understanding and mutual respect. Our Justice for Legal Aid office provides help for those who need representation, and also provides classes that could help to end violent disputes before they happen. The Safe Spaces project in Maleeh is much the same, providing classes that advocate against violence and insecurity in all forms.

We have introduced a range of education programmes that equip the youth with the skills needed for the workplace. Our Computer Clubhouse project and local Knowledge Station teach vital computer skills to interested participants, and the Husban Centre often helps to provide grants for University tuition fees. At the other end of the education system, our Kindergartens help very young children get ahead in school with basic reading, writing, and maths skills.

Our education programs also cover health, vaccination, and society. We help unemployed youths learn more about laws and politics, and we also offer classes on religion that teach proper interpretations of Islam that reject extremism. We have also hosted a range of awareness sessions to help young women to find ways to solve nationwide water scarcity issues by conserving water. All our classes help young people become better equipped to lead and act within public life, creating more harmonious and functional communities for the future.

Madaba Main CDC
Manager: Maisoon Hawatmeh
Address: Madaba - Next to Civil Defense Traffic Lights
Telephone: +962 5 3242622

Maleeh CDC
Supervisor: Khetmeh al Hawawsheh
Address: Maleeh - Downtown 
Telephone: +962 5 3216002 

Maeen CDC
Supervisor: Wejdan al Hesa
Address: Maeen- Downtown - Qadaa' Maeen Street
Telephone: +962 5 3230365

Husban CDC
Supervisor: Insaf al Qotami
Address: Husban - Main St. - Next to Husban Secondary School
Telephone: +962 6 4251423