Ma’an governorate has 10 CDCs serving rural and often remote locations in the south of the country. One main CDC is located near Ma’an city, and satellites serving communities in Husenieh, Mreigha, Sadaqa, Basta, and Taibeh report directly to this main office. A second central CDC is located in Shoubak, with supporting CDC’s located in Jheir, Bir al Dabbaghat, and al Baqaa.

Several communities in Ma’an have experienced persistent problems with unemployment and poverty, and JOHUD has thus resolved to improve education standards to correct the issue. Our CDCs run training sessions covering basic life skills and ICT skills, and also provide important classes covering women’s rights and family planning measures. JOHUD provides poverty interventions throughout Ma’an to help the neediest families, and has created the Country Girl program to allow rural women and girls to sell their produce in a safe, agricultural market.

Ma’an-based CDCs always look to create strong community programs that bring people together. Our neighbourhood committees help member of the local community participate in local decision making and our youth and women’s committees help provide a voice to groups that often struggle to make themselves heard. Our “I have a Story” project also offers a voice to girls looking to tell their stories of discrimination or abuse, whilst also helping to raise the community’s awareness of the issues at stake.

Finally, all CDCs throughout Ma’an work hard to provide secure environments for children and young people that need them. Our social support centre and child-friendly spaces are available throughout the year to help children and mothers requiring psychosocial support and help. Our strong presence throughout the governorate and the caring services offered in each centre mean that help is never far for those that need it.

Ma’an Main CDC                                                               
Manager: Ghazi Mughrabi
Address: Ma'an - Next to Sulaiman Arar Square         
Telephone: +962 3 2131984  

Husenieh CDC
Supervisor: Reem Al Zaben
Address: Husenieh - Next to the old municipality building
Telephone: +962 3 217242

Mreigha CDC
Supervisor: Ebtesam Al Athamneh
Address: Al-Mreigha - Next to the Judicial Centre
Telephone: +962 3 2130907

Taibeh CDC
Supervisor: Rawda Al Khleifat
Address: Taibeh - Next to Taibeh post office 
Telephone: +962 3 215012

Basta CDC
Supervisor: Hamda Al Neamat
Address: Basta - Across Basta Youth Centre     
Telephone: +962 3 2130178

Sadaqa CDC
Supervisor: Fatemah Thyabat
Address: Al-Sadaqa - Next to Sadaqa Elementary School for Girls
Telephone: +962 3 2130792

Shoubak Main CDC
Manager: Tariq al Ghonmeen
Address: Shoubak - Al Zobayreyyah
Telephone: +962 3 2164114

Jheir CDC
Supervisor: Laila al Tawara
Address: Shoubak - Al-Jhier
Telephone: +962 3 2164822

Al-Baqaa CDC
Supervisor: Fatemah al Bdour
Address: Shoubak - Al-Baqaa
Telephone: +962 3 2164833