There is currently one CDC office covering Jerash governorate, located in Jerash town. The CDC was founded in 1995, and works to overcome local issues related to poverty, unemployment, and education.

Jerash is perhaps most well-known for the famous ancient ruins that can be found running alongside the modern town, which attracts tourists from around the world. Our CDC thus works closely with the national "Throw it Right" initiative to protect the tourist livelihood of the town. Awareness sessions were held to remind residents of the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of the town, and a number of visible cleaning and painting campaigns were carried out to keep the town tidy.

To correct widespread issues related to female unemployment, the CDC has also created a number of female empowerment programs. Our large catering program has trained and employed 1500 local women to cook and prepare meals for local businesses, and our Tailoring Workshop uses the sewing and clothing expertise of local women to provide services to the community. Other programs teach women the skills necessary to begin earning a living or helping their community; our Building Literacy program teaches women important reading and writing skills, and our water conservation awareness sessions teach women important plumbing skills to help save water.

Our education programs are not limited only to women and girls. Our classes at the Knowledge Centre teach important ICT skills to any participant looking to enhance their employability, and our kindergarten and “Let’s Play and Do” program provides safe spaces for young children to learn and play.

The CDC in Jerash has also created a range of programs to help overcome the serious issue of poverty. The CDC has distributed clothing and other necessary items to 1750 impoverished individuals living in remote locations throughout the government, and has created a co-operative food processing network to provide jobs to unemployed locals. Our Syrian/Jordanian Integration Project also provides social, medical, and education services (as well as friendly recreational activities) to refugee families throughout the governorate.

Manager: Manal Zoraikat
Address: Ma'rad - Al-Qabisi Neighbourhood  
Telephone: +962 2 6338127