JOHUD manages one CDC to cover Balqa governorate: the Shouna Janoubiyya Centre in Kafrain. The centre was founded in 1991 and runs a number of successful projects in the local area.

Like many areas throughout the country, the main issues that continue to hinder progress in Balqa governorate are those related to persistent unemployment and poverty. To tackle the first of these issues, the Kafrain Centre runs several programs to help jobseekers. The Knowledge Station provides introductory ICT training courses for those that require them, helping to improve the skill base and employability of many local residents. Prospective job seekers can use the centre’s Employment Office, which provides information on local job opportunities via a database of hiring organisations. The CDC also provides work to local women via the Catering Project, which helps mothers put their cooking skills to use by fulfilling food orders placed by local businesses.

The problem of unemployment and the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis have had negative impacts on Balqa’s poverty rates. To combat the problem of poverty, the CDC is involved with the national Poverty Pockets Project. With direct support from key government ministries, this project eases poverty in specific areas by investing in underfunded public infrastructure and lending money to wage-generating production projects. To help the impoverished refugee community, the Kafrain Centre has also created a committee that arranges education provision to Syrian refugees and puts families in touch with helpful decision-making bodies when necessary.

Finally, the CDC has attempted to address local water shortage issues by cooperating with the national “Improving Water Resources” project. Since 2013, this project has installed new water tanks and wells for the region’s farms, and has created a number of awareness campaigns reminding communities to conserve water wherever possible. 20 local women have also received training on plumbing and water conservation, thereby helping local residents to acts as pioneers for future change.

Manager: Randa Sarayra
Address: Kafrain - Behind the Joufeh Health Centre
Telephone: +962 05 3591914