The Aqaba CDC and its satellite centres in Al Quwairah, Al Disah, Al Rishah, Al Hamimah, and Dabbat Hanout serve the Aqaba governorate, including Aqaba City and the surrounding rural areas.

Many of the local activities in Aqaba reflect the tourism and trade that characterises the area. The CDC in Aqaba city operates the Culture Trail Coffee Shop, which seeks to revive cultural and artistic life through promoting reading and creativity, and the Loans Briefcase, which supports small business owners by providing micro-loans in times of crisis. In September 2015, the Aqaba CDC also unveiled a charming Women’s Bazaar that can act as a magnet for domestic and international tourists whilst providing local women with a means of selling their crafts and trinkets.

Additionally, the CDC has provided scholarships for underprivileged students, created a Knowledge and Information Unit to increase the technological skills of the local residents, and offers film and debate clubs that promote dialogue and film-making as ways to tackle difficult subjects. The CDC also holds seven kindergarten classes and a nursery class to aid working mothers, as well as a kids club to provide children with productive and educational activities during the summer and after school.

The CDC has also created women’s committees, youth committees, and the Development Units Project to identify and address the most significant and pressing needs of the community, many of which are related to poverty and unemployment. As unemployment was found to be an issue in the area, JOHUD has responded by creating a range of projects that economically empower women and train young people. These include sewing workshops, rural markets, and a Training and Equipment Maintenance Workshop which provides job training to youths. Our Mother and Child Unit in Rashidiyyah also helps mothers and children produce traditional items, such as traditional Simsimiyyah music instruments, with the ultimate aim of creating a product that promotes Aqaba as a premier tourist destination.

Manager: Fatma Hinnawi                  
Address: Aqaba
Telephone: +962 3 201 2041