Communities in Ajloun Governorate are able to receive services from the Wahadneh Centre and the Kufranja Centre. Although the Wahadneh Centre has been providing services to Ajloun residents for many years, the Kufranja Centre is new to the governorate, having only recently opened in March 2015.

Ajloun is known for its natural beauty, rolling hills, and picturesque forests, although it is not exempt from the persistent issues of unemployment and poverty that are found elsewhere. Our CDCs attempt to tackle the issue of unemployment by providing training sessions that help young people to solve local problems and find jobs. Classes at the Knowledge Centres also provide much-needed ICT training, and various local youth clubs help young people acquire basic skills and improve their knowledge of key issues that affect society.

Other education programs and clubs provide services for community members of all ages and backgrounds. We provide health workshops for local elderly people, and fun play groups for much younger children. Wherever possible, we also try to provide specialized services for groups that may otherwise be left with little assistance and advice, such as people with special needs or disabilities.

The centres have also established youth and women’s committees, which reach out to local women and young people and empower them to become more involved in the development work that is being done. Although our centre in Kufranja is very new, our youth committees have already helped us identify certain community needs. We have used proposals and ideas drawn from discussions in the Kufranja youth committee to create programs that reach out to underprivileged families and orphans in Ajloun. Contributions like these will ensure that JOHUD’s services continue to be of the highest quality, helping to improve the standard of life in Ajloun Governorate and beyond.

Wahadneh CDC
Manager: Ola Momani
Address: Al-Wahadneh
Telephone: +962 2 646 6198
Email: ola.m@johud.org.jo